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meet the maker

Hi friends!  My name is Stephanie and I started The Pretty Paper Petal in 2016.  I had the goal to create beautiful paper flowers for my own wedding that I could keep forever.  I never imagined my wedding project would end up evolving into this amazing opportunity to share the magic of paper flowers with so many people!


Since then I have had so much fun experimenting with new techniques, creating new blooms and growing in my art.  No project is ever the same, I love custom projects and especially bouquets. I find so much joy in knowing I'm creating something so special and personal for someone's most cherished moments.

My home studio is located in the Akron, Ohio area where I reside with my husband (Mr. PaperPetal) and our fur babies.  My studio is always full of blooms, paper and great ambitions for endless creativity!


all about paper flowers

You may have heard about crepe paper flowers, seen them on Instagram but not in real life.


So let's learn more about these handmade beauties!

My process for crafting each flower begins with crepe paper and inspiration.

We use high quality German and Italian crepes for our flowers.  Crepe paper is very special because of it's ability to stretch, that allows us to shape and mold each petal into realistic paper flowers.  I love experimenting with colors, paper can treated with Pan Pastels, paints, inks and color sprays all to add depth and realism to each petal.

Most of our orders are completely custom, from color, size and types of flowers.  Each flower and petal is truly a unique one of a kind piece of paper art. Paper flowers are meant to be enjoyed for years and years with proper care.  Our flowers are treated with a UV spray to keep your colors bright and safe from sun damage.

We love crafting flowers for people's most special and treasured moments. Custom bridal bouquets, wedding bouquet replicas, and the most heartfelt & lasting gifts.

There is always something new blooming on our Instagram!

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